Stopping ProTop for Dictionary Changes

If you apply dictionary changes in single-user mode or if you use online schema changes, ProTop does not interfere and does not need to be stopped.

If the database is running in multi-user mode and you attempt to apply schema changes without the online-schema-changes flag, the ProTop agent, being a regular 4GL client, will prevent exclusive access to the database schema.

In that case, you can pause ProTop using the following procedure:

Schedule an Outage (Preferred Method)

Run the (or .bat on Windows) script, specifying the number of hours for the outage:

bin/ on 2

Manual Stop

If you prefer to manually control the stop and start of ProTop:

  1. Delete $PROTOP/tmp/*.flg. This stops all ProTop processes (dbmonitor and pt3agents).

  2. Stop the ProTop service

    • For UNIX - comment out the dbmonitor cron job
    • For Windows - stop the Windows service

Restart ProTop

When you finish your schema changes, re-enable ProTop by either:

  1. Restarting the ProTop Service if you stopped it manually
  2. Ending the maintenance by running
    bin/ off