Server Activity (s)


Displays configuration and activity information for SQL and ABL client/server brokers.

Field Description
Srv Server number
Type SQL, ABL or BOTH. Type of service supplied by server.
-S Name of the service used by the broker process
Port Port number of the database server host; if using OpenEdge Management or OpenEdge Explorer, the port number of the NameServer
Cnx Number of connections (not users) to the database
Max Maximum number of servers broker can spawn. -Mpb startup parameter for the database server.
QryRcvd Number of queries received by the server
recSndQry Number of records sent in response to a query
bytSndQry Number of bytes sent in response to a query
MsgRcvd Number of messages received by the server
RecRcvd Number of records received
rr/msg Records received per network message
MsgSent Number of messages sent
RecSent Number of records sent
rs/msg Records sent per network message
MB Sent Megabytes sent
MB Rcvd Megabytes received
RcvdSz Average size of received network messages
SendSz Average size of sent network messages (this should approach the value of -Mm, the message buffer size)