Monitor Users of a Table (8)

To monitor users of a table, you must first set the table name (9).

ProTop RT Label Alertable Metric* Description
Usr# usrNum Unique user number reference used by Progress schema tables
User Name UsrName User name associated with the Usr#
Churn tblTurn The ratio of record reads to the number of records in that table. For instance, a table with 100 records read 1000 times per second would have a churn of 10. This does not necessarily mean that “table scans” are taking place – it could just as easily be a single record read over and over and over.
Create tblCr Number of records created
Read tblRd Number of records read
Update tblUp Number of records updated
Delete tblDl Number of records deleted
CSC Age lastUpd If enabled, the number of seconds since the user's Client Statement Cache (CSC) was last updated
Line# lineNum If CSC is enabled, line number of the currently running program
Program Name procName If CSC is enabled, name of the currently running program

*Requires data collector "UsersOfTable" in pt3agent.cfg. With the commercial version of ProTop, you can configure alerts using the metric names in this column. For a full list of metrics, see the Alertable Metrics section.