Initial View

The ProTop Real-Time monitor can be thought of as a tower of lego blocks: you can add and remove sections (we call them data collectors) as you see fit. At startup, ProTop displays the "Dashboard" data collector, Table Activity, Index Activity and User IO Activity.

The contents of the title bar (top 2 lines) are explained below and each data collector is described in its own help page.


Left Side of the Title Bar


Row Field Example Description
1 1 mb117sports Friendly name of the database
1 2 Auto Auto / OnDemand: - Data can be refreshed automatically or on-demand.
1 3 Interval Type of sampling - Interval - delta between samples, Cumulative - since ProTop started, or Raw - since the database server started.
1 4 Rate Rate / Summary - When Rate is chosen and if appropriate, data is divided by the seconds in the interval. When Summary is chosen, the raw numbers are shown and no division takes place. For example, Logical Reads can be displayed as "per second" or as the raw number, whereas Connections (the current number of database connections) is always the sample value, regardless of the value of this field.
1 5 DS Data Method (internal)
1 6 119 Data Rows - the number of rows on the screen
1 7 8676 Data Bytes (internal)
1 8 0.652 Fetch Time - the execution time to gather the data
2 1 mb117sports Logical database name
2 2 7 User number of the ProTop session
2 3 14656 Logical Reads of the ProTop session
2 4 0 OS Reads of the ProTop session

Center of the Title Bar


Row Description
Top ProTop Version
Bottom Full path of the database

Right Side of the Title Bar


Row Description
Top OS date and time
Bottom Host name of the database server