"ReplAgent" Data Collector

For a detailed discussion of these metrics, see ProTop Real Time - Replication Agents (r).

To set up an alert on a metric listed here, make note of the Data Collector name at the top of this page, the Alertable Metric and Data Type from the table below and visit Alert Configuration.

Alertable Metric ProTop RT Label Data Type Description
agentCommStat CommStat num Agent's TCP communication status: 1=Connected 2=Disconnected
agentMethod Method char Lists the replication method: asynchronous or synchronous
agentName Agent char Specifies the OpenEdge Replication agent name
agentStatus Status num Shows agent processing information
blksACK Blks ACK num Shows the number of blocks acknowledged by the agent
blksBehind num Number of blocks the agent is behind he replication server
blksSent Blks Sent num Shows the number of blocks sent from the replication server
lagTime TRX Lag char Time, in seconds, the replication server is behind the source database
lastBlk Last Block char Shows the number of the last block processed
remoteDBName Remote DB Name char Target database name
remoteHost Host char Host name or IP Address of the server on which the target database resides
remotePort Port num Current port in use by the agent
zlagTime num Not visible; integer value of TRX Lag
zsecBehind num Not visible; number of seconds target behind source
ztrxBehind num Not visible; number of transactions target is behind source