"LicenseCfg" Data Collector

For a detailed discussion of these metrics, see ProTop Real Time - Progress "showcfg" info (l).

To set up an alert on a metric listed here, make note of the Data Collector name at the top of this page, the Alertable Metric and Data Type from the table below and visit Alert Configuration.

Alertable Metric ProTop RT Label Data Type Description
expireDate Expires char License expiration date
fluff2 char Not visible
fluff char Not visible
installDate Installed char Date product was installed
osPortCode Port num A number Progress assigns to platforms it supports. For more info see: https://knowledgebase.progress.com/articles/Article/P61158
osPortText char Progress port description
productName Product Name char Progress OpenEdge Product
pscVersion Version char Progress OpenEdge version
serialNum Serial# char Product serial number
userLimit Users num Number of Users licensed
zControl Control Codes char Not visible